My name is Azra Khan. I am a biotechnology graduate.
I have always been fascinated by blogging and always wanted to have a blog of my own. So here i am started my own blog with lost of excitement and nervousness. If you are someone who tries a lot of new products or experiments with fashion or have fitness related questions your are in the right place. I will share in my little space my knowledge and experiences with makeup and beauty products, about fashion and also about fitness as i have had a huge fitness transformation which i want to share with you guys.
I want to built a healthy community with like minded people to share y experiences and encounters.
I will always try to make things easier for you guys with my product reviews as i love experimenting with new things. I hope this blog is useful for you guys.

The information provided on this blog is for general purposes only. I will make my best effort to give as accurate information as possible and as accurate advice as i can but i am not any kind of certified professional all expert. The blogs are solely on what i fell and experience. All the products reviewed in my blog have been bought by my own money unless stated otherwise. And all my reviews are 100% my own.

The blogger saves your name, ip address, domain name(if applicable )when you comment on a post. This information is saved only in order to get myself notified and is in no way shared anywhere or with anyone without your consent. Your identity will be always secure and its security will be my utmost priority.

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