Sunday, 1 October 2017


Fist of all thank you to all those who are reading this post. This is my first blogpost ever.
Actually I wanted to start my blog since quite some time now but because of one thing or the other I just could not.But today I thought that lets just start and here I am.
First of all I would like to share that "that fat girl" is not a sad blog about a fat girl but is about a girl who struggled through weight issues since she was a child but slowly and steadily with some hits and misses and lots of hardwork and dedication achieved what she wanted to. It is my story and I am proud of it.
I just want to share it with you guys so that my ways and how I did it may help some of you guys as well.
SO, to begin with I was always a fat kid not obese but yes I was quite huge. As I grew up in age the number on weight scale also increased. But I was a very chilled and never worried about it.
But once I passed my school and went to my college I began getting conscious about my body and my weight.At that point I was fat but still was not obese so I tried to lose weight but dieting or exercise but I was not very consistent so obviously I never saw results. And as I did not see any results I used to stop doing that as well. I used to feed on junk all the time and did no sorts of physical activity. And with this type of lifestyle started putting on more and more weight.
Now I started looking not just a little chubby which I used to before but instead I started becoming fat and fat and fat. Somewhere I knew that I had to do something about it but I was too lazy to doit. I used to prepare a diet plan and everything but never followed. Slowly my friends and family also started noticing my weight and started commenting and some times those comments were really mean. I remember that there was one relative of mine who used to say that I look older than my age and stuff like that. I felt really bad. I stopped attending social gathering. I did not go any where and be in my room all the time. My parents wanted to help but I did not listen to them as well as I was really fed up of hearing stuff about my body and my weight.
I used to be a size M when I started my college and then went on to L and XL.

One day I remember there was some sort of occasion I think some party don't remember what it was exactly but I had to buy a dress. I went to the mall, selected my usual XL in a dress and went to the trial room. And when I tried the dress. guess what.......the XL did not fit me. And for a girl as petite as me (5'1'') XL not fitting really hurt me. I did not have the guts to go to the XXL section as I did not want to fit in that size. I still remember I was so upset .
 I went home with tears in my eyes.I straight went to my mom's room, put my head on her lap and stared crying. My shell of ignorance had broken. Just because I did not want to give importance to what outsiders had to say about my body I ignored genuine concerns of my family as well.My mom calmed me down. That day was my day of realisation that I actually had to do something about my weight.
I still remember it was January 2015. I went to my doctor first and he asked me to do some tests. he weighed me as well. My weight was 76.6kgs and I had thyroid problem. He told me that I really need to lose weight not just for the sake of my appearance but for my internal health. I came back home and that day I decided that I will change it.
I started with no target in my mind. I just wanted to be fit, a healthy version of myself, full of energy and confidence which I was lacking that time. I started with walks and doing exercise at home and gradually with consistent hardwork and lifestyle changes I saw changes in my body. My confidence gradually increased. I used to feel more energetic. The numbers stared dropping on the scale, clothes started getting lose. From a size XXL to a size S. Yes today I am a size S. My current weight is 54kgs.I am not saying that size matters or anything but it feels an achievement to me. I have still not got the perfect body but I always wanted to be the BEST VERSION OF ME. And I have achieved that.

Guys this was my little story. I want to say that losing weight or gaining weight for that matter does not happen overnight. You have to give it time. A healthy life is a lifestyle change which happens gradually. All those people who are struggling with weight issues I just want to tell them that don't lose hope. keep on working towards your goals and one day you will achieve it as I have.
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  1. Hey Azra my friend nice to see u.....nice lines. I will also try to lose my weight which is 71 KGS.
    Regards ,
    Manpreet .

  2. Hey Azra my friend nice to see u.....nice lines. I will also try to lose my weight which is 71 KGS.
    Regards ,
    Manpreet .

    1. thankyou so much dear. do read my second article as well. and plz follow me on my blog.



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