Monday, 8 January 2018


Hey Guys!!
So, new year is the time when we tend to eat a lot, say goodbye to are fitness rules.. and then yes.. tend to have food baby, bloated stomach or whatever you ant to call it. But basically eating food full of salt, sugar and oil leads to swelling in the abdomen area. This swelling is what we call BLOATING.
Now we know what bloating is, so obviously we want some remedies as well right. Obviously, that is why you are here.
We can get rid of bloating in multiple ways. But my favorite and most quick remedies are the two below:
1.Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is a very fast and effective way to lose belly fat and get rid of bloating as well.
It has acetic acid in it.
What acetic acid does is it helps in fat mobilization, increases your metabolic weight and thus leads to debating your belly. I have a full video of uses of apple cider vinegar in your weightless on my youtube channel.

Jeera also known as cumin seeds have a lot of amazing properties and amongst them is to lose weight.
Soak jeera overnight.
Boil it in the morning for 10-15min.
Strain it and add lemon to it.
Drink it.
I have a full video on it aswell. Do check it out for more details.

So Guys, this is it for my debloating and weight loss tips.
Do check them out. They really work.
I will see you guys in my next post.

Sunday, 31 December 2017


Hey friends, Wish you a very very happy new year 2018.
So, 2017 is almost over and we are heading towards 2018. Its time for new beginnings, new goals and new resolutions. Now I have a habit of making new year resolutions since my childhood and I do it till date. And I am sure many amongst you guys also make new year resolutions every year. One of the new year resolutions since many times has been to lose weight, to live a healthier lifestyle, to exercise, in short to be fit. Back in 2015, when I was 76kgs I made a new year resolution to lose 20 kgs of weight. And guess what I did fulfill my resolution. By the end of December 2015 I weighed 54kgs. Then came 2016, and I made a resolution to maintain my weight as I was struggling to do so and I did that as well. Obviously with a lot of struggle and dedication. Its been 2 years since I have lost all that weight and I am still maintaining my weight pretty decently by exercise and a healthy diet. 
Now, its time for the resolutions of 2018. I strongly believe in resolutions as I do take them very seriously. I also know that there are many amongst us who want to take their health seriously or want to lose weight or built a healthy lifestyle. We often say that from this year onwards we will change our habits and built a healthy lifestyle. But very few amongst us are successful. For a month or two we all are fully driven and motivated. For do our exercises regularly, we eat healthy and so on. But as the months pass, we begin to tired of this and say that from next year for sure I will lead a healthy lifestyle, or exercise. How many of you relate to this with me. I am sure many of you do. So, here I have come to make things easy for myself and for you as well.
Today, I will be sharing with you guys, simple steps which I follow because of which I have been able to stick with my weight loss resolutions and I am sure you will be able to as well. Lets get started.

Most of the time we say it in heads what we want to achieve but we don't physically write it down.
It has been scientifically proven that people who write down their goals are more likely to follow it through and achieve it by 80%.
So, what I want you to do is grab a diary and write down your goal. Don't just write the resolution and never look back. Develop a habit of what you are doing every single day to achieve your goal. I do it every single day. I write a set of things to accomplish every single day and I more likely achieve my goal. So give writing a try. It really works. The habit of keeping a diary will help you focus on your goal, you will stay more committed and achieve success.

The next step is what you should write. Now don't just write down straight away that you want to lose 20kgs in one year. It can be a little overwhelming. Instead write smaller goals which seem achievable like losing 3kgs a month. These short goals will help you achieve your long term goal without scaring you out. When you add quantity to your goals and break them down to smaller goals you are more likely to ensure success by tracking it easily.

Now, setting a goal is very easy, the main and most important thing is to have an action plan. How you are going to achieve your goal. You have to have a clear vision of how you will achieve your goal of losing weight. What do you have to do more. What things you have to sacrifice. You know yourself best so you should write all this down in your plan of action.
For eg, my plan of action to achieve my goal was to exercise at least 5 times a week. I have a major sweet tooth so I knew I had to reduce my sugar intake. In a nut shell be very clear of how you will achieve your goal.

Now that you have your goal set and an action plan ready to follow, next step is to put them into practice daily and turn them into habits. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy body is not a one time goal it is a lifestyle change which can only be possible if you bring those changes into a habit. Make it a habit to lead a healthy lifestyle or to exercise. You can built habit with consistency in your life. Built new positive habits and focus on what you are going to do instead of focusing on what you are not going to do.
For example, instead of focusing on what you won't do focus on what you are going to do. Like I am going to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day instead of I am not going to have junk. You see the difference. Make slow and subtle changes to make a healthy habit.


Surrounding you self with like minded people helps you to stick to your goal. For instance, when I started off with losing weight I shared my experience with people trying to do the same. Sharing and building a community with like minded people will help you to stick to your goals in times when find it tough to stick to your goals. The catch here is to share it with write people. Don't go on telling everyone that you are trying to lose weight as there is always a group who will try to discourage you or shift you from your track. So, chose your company wisely and don't be effected with what others say. There will always be people who bring you down. Instead share with people with good energy.

Remember that it is not just a resolution. It is a lifestyle change. Its not something you do and then stop when you have lost a certain amount of weight. As it will take no time to be back to square 1. and you don't want that right? After working so hard achieving your goal it is important to make your habits permanent and a lifestyle.

Finally, I want to say that losing weight is not something you can achieve instantly. It is a long process, there will be ups and downs. But the main thing is to not lose your motivation. There were times when I got stuck and could not lose even a kg of weight in the entire month but I did not stop believing in my self. I kept on working hard and finally came closer to my goal. 
So, I can tell you right now that it won't be a smooth journey, it won't be easy. Do not turn your temporary failures into excuses to GIVEUP. 
SO, that is it. Get ready to start your fitness journey in 2018. Follow along with me and share your experiences and resolutions with me in the comment down below. We all are here to help each other.


Saturday, 30 December 2017


Hi guys.
Lately Korean skincare has become a rage. Everyone is trying out different different Korean skincare products and obviously for a reason. Korean women have the most beautiful skin ever. So, when everyone is trying out this new Korean rage why should i fall behind. I also thought of giving it a try. While reading about Korean skincare regime( which is pretty hectic i must say) i came across the famous 10 step skincare regime. It has multiple steps of cleansing, toning, moisturizing. One step amongst the 10 steps is sheet masks. When i read about the sheet masks it fascinated me the most. Sheet masks in general is a rage right now. So i thought of giving sheet masks a try.
THE FACE SHOP SHEET MASKS are quite popular so i also ordered a bunch of them to try it out.
I have tried a couple of them and i must say it is a quick, easy and effective skincare.
So, lets begin with the review.


There are four different ranges of the sheet masks from the face shop.
1. Real nature sheet masks for INR100/- each
2. Solution range sheet masks for INR150/- each
3. Bio cell for INR300/- each
4. Mask lab for INR300/ each
buy it here

From the above four categories i have tried the real nature and the solution range.

The simple paper-thin masks are korean's no.1 contribution for glowing skin.It adds extra moisture
to the skin.

-After washing the face apply toner.
-Unfold the sheet mask.
-Spread all over the face adjusting the eyes and nose.
-After 10-15mins remove the mask and tap the solution into the skin and let it be absorbed by the skin.

I tried masking for every single day for 10days. I used the real nature and the solution range. I must say that i liked the solution range a lot better. With the continuous use of the masks there was indeed a change in my skin texture. I was glowing from within and my skin cleared up a lot. There was a lot of moisture on my skin. I love these masks. But you have to keep in mind that to see the results you have to use the product regularly for a prolonged period of time. If you do so you are definitely going to see results.
The brightening and hydration sheet masks from the solution range are the best according to me.


after 10days of sheet mask use. No filter

After using these masks continuously for 10days i must say that it is really effective if used continuously. Anything will only work if you use it religiously , especially when it comes to skincare.
I would highly recommend it to you guys. You guys must give it a shot and see it for yourself.
My skin is looking brighter, more radiant, and healthy.
That is all. Do let me know if you are a user of sheet masks and how it fared for you. 
Thank you for staying till the end.

Friday, 29 December 2017


Yes you guys read the title right. Yellow is the color of 2017 and hopefully it will be in trend in the coming year as well. From runway to fashion stores this color was bombarded every where during spring and has managed to continue trending in winters as well. As this color is trending every where i thought why not i give a shot.
Yes i know that yellow is a bright color and it can be too bright to handle some times but if you chose the right shade according to your skin tone you will look like a boss. There are a variety of shades of yellow you can chose from but there are a few shades which suite every skin tone and make you look brighter and confident.
So, make yellow the new black.
I have picked a few pieces from indian wear to classic casual. You can chose any look you prefer.

1. The first outfit is a mustard yellow sweater from H&M. I have paired it with simple blue jeans and sneakers and it has instantly brightened my look.

2. This bright yellow kurti from global desi is total stunner as the colour makes me look fresh and pretty. I have paired the kurti with blue dupatta and blue leggings to complete the look.

3. I chose the third outfit for my brother's sangeet function. It is a deep shade of yellow but still it made me look radiant and i was a head turner at the function. I paired this chanderi silk suit with minimal jwellery to complete the look.

All the looks i showed you have different shades of yellow. You have to pick and chose what looks best on you and trust me you will rock it. Don't shy away from experimenting with colours. Break the monotony and try different things to suit your perfect self. 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Hi everyone.
It is a very popular product in the market and many beauty gurus and bloggers swear by it. I came to know about this product through youtube and blogs of the bloggers i follow. Though it is quite an expensive product but still the rave about it made be buy this product. And let me tell you i don't regret it a bit.
Let me give you a quick review.

-It comes in a mint green cardboard packaging with the clinique logo above it.]
-Inside the box is the actual product which is in a transparent glass jar with a silver lip.
-The product in itself is a gel based light peach color with no fragrance what so ever.
Price- INR 2200/- for 50ml &
INR 1250/- for 30ml


1. auto-replenish hydrator
2. long lasting hydration
3. softens and plums up dry lines
4. unique moisture balancing system that helps skin resist dehydration
5. can be applied under or over makeup
6. for all skin types.

I have dry skin and in winters it gets even worse so i thought of giving this product a try after reading a lot of reviews. I have been using this product since the past month and a half and i must say i am just blown away with the feel it gives to my skin.
Usually products which give intense moisturisation to the skin make the skin oily but it is not so with this product. It is so light weight that you don't even feel that you have something on so it is great for oily skin beauties as well. It has no fragrance what so ever so it does not give any sort of irritation as well.
I apply it directly after i wash my face in the morning and i am sorted for the day.
My skin feels baby soft and smooth. My hands glide on my face like butter. You can even apply it over your makeup by dabbing when your skin feels a little dry.  I have nothing bad to say about this product. Though it is slightly heavy on the pocket but is worth it guys. I have got a perfect solution for my dry skin. I used to get flakey skin and dry patches during winters but not any more. What else do i say about this product i simply love it. It is a boon for all the dry skin girls out there. I think i have said enough now just quickly jump on to the pros and cons of the product.

1. Gives intense moiturisation
2. Plums up the skin
3. Good for all skin types
4. Locks in moisture
5. Does not feel oily at all
6.  A little goes a long way
7. Extremely light weight
8. Soothes irritated and inflamed skin
9. Gives instant healthy glow the skin
10. Not tested on animals.

1. Expensive.
2. Jar packaging gets a little messy. If we are paying so much then the packaging can be improved.

By the pros and cons you guys can judge yourself that this is an amazing product. If you can spend a little more then definitely give it a try and i am sure you guys will love this product to bits. It is expensive but a little goes a long way. If you guys also want a healthy glow on your skin then give this product a try and it will be worth it.
This is it for the review guys. Do let me know if you guys have tried this product or will you guys try it any time soon and feel free to comment down below and ask any query you have.
Thank you for staying till the end.


Hey Guys!! So, new year is the time when we tend to eat a lot, say goodbye to are fitness rules.. and then yes.. tend to have food baby, b...